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Free Desktop Icons for Mac Os X

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Desktop Icons Set Bluecons - PowerMac by Eric Schneider
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Bluecons - PowerMac

March 14th, 2001
Desktop Icons Set Doodles by Aaron Ruffcorn
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October 9th, 2004

All included icons are classroom doodles.

Desktop Icons Set Containers by p
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By p
December 26th, 2002

As you may had discovered, this is absolutely my first endeavor in the annals Icon Making.

This started out as a In-House project to easily determined the different HD for the computers in the agency.

Apparently people liked the way they looked so....here are some generic version of the ones that we are using.

Watch closely how the transparency of the icons interact with the backgrounds!

I hope you liked it.

Desktop Icons Set Morphs by Paul Copeland
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September 25th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Lil' People by Bob Flynns
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Lil' People

December 17th, 2002

Enjoy this set of icons, based on the Fisher-Price® Little People® figurines and toys that we all grew up with.

Desktop Icons Set Trans-Dance by Bandar Raffa
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April 14th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Colorful Cubes by James Doyle
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Colorful Cubes

January 17th, 2001
Desktop Icons Set MWSF 2003 Hardware by Bombia Design
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MWSF 2003 Hardware

January 17th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Alien Mind by Rhandros Dembicki
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Alien Mind

March 29th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Comic Tiger by FastIcon.com
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Comic Tiger

July 11th, 2005

24 icons in comic style based on the look of Apple's Tiger OS.

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