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Xmas vol. 2by mache Desktop Icons Set: Xmas vol. 2 by
I wish you a Merry Christmas.
Christmas Dollsby zeusbox Desktop Icons Set: Christmas Dolls by
The concept is making dolls out of Christmas characters and things :)
Flowerkinsby troyboydesign Desktop Icons Set: Flowerkins by
Grow a little bit of happiness right on your desktop with this cute botanically inspired set of icons.
Mache's Xmasby mache Desktop Icons Set: Mache's Xmas by
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Xmasby FixIcon.com Desktop Icons Set: Xmas by
December! It's time to give a festive look to your office with these 11 icons about Christmas.
Ghost Systemby Bombia Design Desktop Icons Set: Ghost System by
White and transparent icons. Highly recommended to be used on dark backgrounds.
Eye Candy vol. 2by Bombia Design Desktop Icons Set: Eye Candy vol. 2 by
More eye candy for your desktop. In this icon set you will find a globe, a snowman, a Mac OS X folder, and a green apple.
MMC File Types Collection vol. 1by Michael Müller C. Desktop Icons Set: MMC File Types Collection vol. 1 by
This is my first icon collection design. It's about file types from the PC and Mac environment.
Studyby FixIcon.com Desktop Icons Set: Study by
20 folder icons in the style of an old notebook.
Superstitionby GaryG Desktop Icons Set: Superstition by
The initial inspiration for this icon set is the song "The Artist" by Big Rude Jake (Bio: http://maplemusic.com/artists/brj/bio.asp ). If you have heard the song I think you'll draw a connection, though I have tried to avoid offending anyone and have excluded any drawings depicting religious objects. When I was 4 or 5 years old my family spent the night at my grandmother and grandfather's house, which was a cottage in a pine tree forest near Hanover, Ontario. Sometime that night I woke up and my gaze fell on the night sky outside the bedroom window. I remember clearly seeing a shooting star briefly arc above the pine trees and then I fell back to sleep. The "shooting star" icon is composed from that personal memory.
LOSTby jumjum Desktop Icons Set: LOST by
A couple of items that show up on the recent episodes of Lost.
Surfby FastIcon.com Desktop Icons Set: Surf by
13 icons inspired by the world of surfing.
Microby Musett (Alejandro Lopez Ulloa) Desktop Icons Set: Micro by
A 70-icon system replacement set, ready to be used on your Mac.
Male Avatarsby FastIcon.com Desktop Icons Set: Male Avatars by
9 icons of funny male faces, for use in desktops, web sites and blogs.
Piratesby GaryG Desktop Icons Set: Pirates by
Piracy on the high seas is mutually outlawed by all the world's major nations but the drama and adventure of those who sailed under the Jolly Roger's colors inspires our imaginations to this day! This set started out small - just one icon, "Map of Pirate Island". But I soon had other ideas and the set the grew. Some of these icons were quite complicated and I illustrated them at a much larger size than is presented in the finished product - the work you see took about 40 hours to create from start to finish, but I had fun and I'm very happy with the finished artwork.
Halloweenby zeusbox Desktop Icons Set: Halloween by
Icons for your Halloween. The set containes eleven pumpkin jack-o'-lanterns and eight halloween images.
Leopard Xby isb Desktop Icons Set: Leopard X by
Seven icons in anticipation of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Quelques variations d'icones pour notre nouvel OS!
Dharma Initiativeby kidjay Desktop Icons Set: Dharma Initiative by
A more complete Dharma Initiative station logo collection. From the ABC television series "LOST".
Ai Dogby Benoit Bender Desktop Icons Set: Ai Dog by
6 icons with the little white dog.
I Love Autumn!by Julia Nikolaeva Desktop Icons Set: I Love Autumn! by
Rabbit, autumn, october, halloween.
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