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Matryoshkaby studiobenben Desktop Icons Set: Matryoshka by
The perfect folder metaphor now in six carefully crafted icons.
Kaijubeesby Melissa Scroggins Desktop Icons Set: Kaijubees by
A silly set of 6 original icons inspired by creative Japanese designer vinyl dolls and toys. Mac Leopard 512 x 512 pixel resources included.
Apple TVby Dan Wiersema Desktop Icons Set: Apple TV by
Six Apple TV themed icons inspired by the hardware, box art and website graphics.
ALUMIby joy-vincent Desktop Icons Set: ALUMI by
74 icons of aluminum design. I worked on this set for 3 full days (almost non stop). But I'm glad to present to you: ALUMI! This is a set based on the aluminum design of Apple. This is also the first icon set I've created. I did a lot of research on how to get the pixels sharp at all sizes (16, 32, 128, 256 and of course 512). I think I spent the most time on the smaller sizes.
Hardware MX Plusby Studiomx Desktop Icons Set: Hardware MX Plus by
MP3 player icons, a mobile phone icon and a display icon.
Extreme Drives IIby Bombia Design Desktop Icons Set: Extreme Drives II by
Includes 6 hard drive icons.
iMac Generations vol. 2by Nando Desktop Icons Set: iMac Generations vol. 2 by
Nando Design Studio proudly presents to you the ultimate set of iMac icons. From Bondi Blue to Aluminum.
Kookie Bytesby Melissa Scroggins Desktop Icons Set: Kookie Bytes by
A whimsical set of 8 original icons. Take a byte and enjoy!
Aperture & Lightroomby MugenB16 Desktop Icons Set: Aperture & Lightroom by
A couple new icons intended for replacements for popular image editing applications. Enjoy!