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EZ Foldersby GStudio Desktop Icons Set: EZ Folders by
Very elegant three folders made as an inspiration from laptop sleeves for Apple's MacBooks.
Rubber Iconsby Nando Desktop Icons Set: Rubber Icons by
This set is very special: It
Dinosaur Toysby FastIcon.com Desktop Icons Set: Dinosaur Toys by
Five freeware comic icons of dinosaurs.
Science Project 2.0: Nibblerby troyboydesign Desktop Icons Set: Science Project 2.0: Nibbler by
The twisted laboratory of Science Project is back with an adorable new bunny named Nibbler. This time all 41 icons are fully vector-based for extra long lasting maniacal torture themed cuteness.
A Dog's Lifeby Benoit Bender Desktop Icons Set: A Dog's Life by
A cute little set of sketchy-styled puppy icons.
Happy Easter!by Yellow Icon Desktop Icons Set: Happy Easter! by
Happy Easter! We from Yellow Icon wish you all a very, very happy Easter.=) And, as we cannot give chocolate eggs to everybody, we are giving you this cool free Easter icon set. Think of the good side: icons, unlike chocolate, won
Kookie Bytesby Melissa Scroggins Desktop Icons Set: Kookie Bytes by
A whimsical set of 8 original icons. Take a byte and enjoy!
AquaBlendby Laurent Baumann Desktop Icons Set: AquaBlend by
Aquablend is an attempt to replace all your OSX icons. I've started by colorizing my previous work "Blend", but the pack evoluted to become unique.
300by Louie Mantia Desktop Icons Set: 300 by
Icons from the blockbuster film, 300.
Aperture & Lightroomby MugenB16 Desktop Icons Set: Aperture & Lightroom by
A couple new icons intended for replacements for popular image editing applications. Enjoy!
Soviet Patchby iconcubic.com Desktop Icons Set: Soviet Patch by
This collection is a add on of Soviet serials.
Vintage Appleby Stephan Vallieres Desktop Icons Set: Vintage Apple by
Here is a new set of vintage Apple products for your enjoyment.
VeeDubbersby Stephan Vallieres Desktop Icons Set: VeeDubbers by
My first set of icons, based on the famous Volkswagen Type 2 minivan of the 1970s.
2nd Generation iPod nanoby Jonas Rask Desktop Icons Set: 2nd Generation iPod nano by
The second generation iPod nano in Black, Blue, Green, Grey, and Pink.
Spring Festivalby belial7 Desktop Icons Set: Spring Festival by
Similar in importance to Christmas for westerners, the Spring Festival is the most important celebration for Chinese people. As the cold Winter begins to recede and the warmth of Spring is about to emerge, take a deep breath of good luck!
Dashyby Jerome Bareo Desktop Icons Set: Dashy by
Another set of icons inspired by the Dashboard in Mac OS X.
Labelsby Justus Bruns Desktop Icons Set: Labels by
I use these labels on my smart folders.
Blendby Laurent Baumann Desktop Icons Set: Blend by
Blend is an attempt to replace all your Mac OS X icons with black and white ones. Blend icons contain all the necessary resources (16x16, 32x32, and 128x128) so that each icon may be displayed with the highest quality throughout your system.
Acoustic Guitarsby MugenB16 Desktop Icons Set: Acoustic Guitars by
Four acoustic guitars. Great replacements for GarageBand!
Apple iPhone (1st Generation)by Tab Desktop Icons Set: Apple iPhone (1st Generation) by
iPhone combines three products
Blend Apple Hardwareby Bombia Design Desktop Icons Set: Blend Apple Hardware by
Includes all the latest Apple Computer hardware releases rendered with sweet style and strong perspective.
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