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Shiny Smiley Facesby Icon Icon Desktop Icons Set: Shiny Smiley Faces by
16 smileys for your desktop.
BitTorrentby iCollaborate.ca Desktop Icons Set: BitTorrent by
A small BitTorrent icon that resembles a speedometer.
Puccaby Xman Desktop Icons Set: Pucca by
These Dolls look nice in the dock. Available in seven colors.
Sketchbookby studiobenben Desktop Icons Set: Sketchbook by
Inspired by the whimsical creatures and objects inhabiting Ben Schlitter's sketchbooks.
Application Foldersby Orhan Okay Desktop Icons Set: Application Folders by
Thirty-six application folder icons.
A Full Deck of Iconsby Christopher Watson Desktop Icons Set: A Full Deck of Icons by
A complete set of playing card icons in an Aqua style.
miniMicros #5 Dodge Chargerby ZAPCULT Desktop Icons Set: miniMicros #5 Dodge Charger by
Thirteen more miniMicros, this time on the theme of the Dodge Charger!
Lexar JumpDriveby lainsnavi Desktop Icons Set: Lexar JumpDrive by
I wanted an icon for my JumpDrive, but I couldn't find any. So, I illustrated it myself using Adobe Illustrator! This pack includes six icons. Three with the cap on at different angles as well as three others without the cap at the same angles. I made it as accurate as I could without resorting to tracing.
G5 or Intel iMac (white polycarbonate)by Tab Desktop Icons Set: G5 or Intel iMac (white polycarbonate) by
Intel and G5 iMac with built-in iSight video camera.
miniMicros #4 Porscheby ZAPCULT Desktop Icons Set: miniMicros #4 Porsche by
9 more miniMicros, this time on the theme of the Porsche!
Vista MX Foldersby Studiomx Desktop Icons Set: Vista MX Folders by
Twelve folder icons for personal use.
Icon Seaby eddie82ad Desktop Icons Set: Icon Sea by
You've just discovered my second set of icons. It's called _iconsea_, a set of sea-creatures and consists of 38 icons, all color.
Valentine Smileyby Tab Desktop Icons Set: Valentine Smiley by
Happy Valentine's Day!
NOD vol. 1by Cyril Seillet Desktop Icons Set: NOD vol. 1 by
NOD volume 1 is the first set of my new system replacement icons.
Xpack Files 2by nato kino Desktop Icons Set: Xpack Files 2 by
Quicktime and Preview documents.
Smoothby code Desktop Icons Set: Smooth by
Smooth is a system folder icon replacement set with a total of 16 Icons. Aiming for the most imple solution, I decided to use the iTunes icon as par tof the Music folder's icon, the QuickTime icon as part of the Movies folder's icon, and so on. See the read me file for further notes and Copyright information.
Classic Mac OSby saurospagnol Desktop Icons Set: Classic Mac OS by
Aqua icons remembering the old Classic Mac OS 9.
Black History Writersby Manon Michel Desktop Icons Set: Black History Writers by
Celebrate the spirit, diversity and achievements of the human race. It is to look into your soul and find Possibility lurking there.
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