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Icon Set Details: Tiger Folders

Desktop Icons Set Tiger Folders by Orhan Okay
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Tiger Folders

January 21st, 2006

Specific folder icons for your system by Orhan Okay. Enjoy it!

Comments from the Community

Posted By: macgeek.web from mac.com
about 18 years, 5 months ago
Really sharp looking icons, buddy. Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: tgdlapa3 from bluewin.ch
about 18 years, 4 months ago
awesome! Can you mabye create more stuff like this one? Programm-User-DVD-HDTV-FOLDERS or similar things...Great Work!!!!many thanks
Posted By: michaelpatterson1 from mac.com
about 18 years, 4 months ago
Fantastic. It's been awhile since I've been excited about a new icon set. I'm looking forward to future releases of your Tiger folder.
Posted By: jason_hawkins from mac.com
about 18 years, 4 months ago
wow.. these are really good. i hope more are coming..haha.. awesome.
Posted By: andrearuffo1979 from libero.it
about 18 years, 4 months ago
veri nice!
Posted By: stilton599 from hotmail.org
about 18 years, 3 months ago
if you think these are nice, check out the application icons he's got comging soon.


Incredible stuff.
Posted By: baller1308 from gmail.com
about 18 years, 3 months ago
These are sweet. I also like your Applications ones too. Could you complete the set by making the other Tiger folders like Public, Sites, Users, etc? That would be awesome.
Posted By: wiu_bartender112 from yahoo.com
about 18 years, 3 months ago
nice work. just curious though, if i wanted, how do i get the original folder icon back?
Posted By: olafdewit from chello.nl
about 18 years, 3 months ago
How do I change my icons with these?
Posted By: moderator from interfacelift.com
about 18 years, 3 months ago

Posted By: mhardtmann from email.com
about 17 years, 11 months ago
How wow. Reeeaally nice. Thanks for your generosity and sharing your artistic appeal.
Posted By: shadow_t74 from yahoo.ca
about 17 years, 3 months ago
Thanks for the icons. They're beautiful and awesome. Makes my computer more personal to my liking.
Posted By: modem_hijacker from yahoo.com
about 17 years ago
the download link is broken.can anyone send me the icons at modem_hijacker@yahoo.com? please
Posted By: bcesnrpe
about 8 years, 10 months ago

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