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Icon Set Details: Safari

Desktop Icons Set Safari by Kevin Wilson
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January 21st, 2003

To replace the default icons (the ones with the .icns extension), all you have to do is hold the [ctrl] key and click on Safari. This will bring up a menu. The menu item we're interested in is "Show Package Contents". Select it.

Now open the Contents folder and inside of it is a folder named Resources. That's where all the graphic goodies go in OS X applications and that's where you'll drag these icons. Then relaunch the Finder to see the result. If you keep Safari in your Dock, you'll have to quit Safari, remove it's icon, then place Safari with the new icon in the Dock.

That's it!

"What are the other files?"

Those are the matching graphics that are used by the Help Viewer. They go here:


I highly suggest making backups of the originals so you'll still have them if you change your mind later. Simply adding "back" to their names is all you need to do.

Comments from the Community

Posted By: gswindle1010 from hotmail.com
about 16 years, 10 months ago
Love this icon. And appreciate the info. on where to store it. Just missing a few details...To begin, launch the finder window, then select "Ctrl + Safari", choose "Show Package Contents" and drag new icon folder into the resources folder. But before you do...copy the icon you want so when you change the picture, you'll be ready.

To change picture...Make sure application is closed. In Finder window, select application by holding down Ctrl + Application. Choose the "Get Info". In the "Get Info", select the picture up in the top left corner, Paste the picture you copied and wala, your done. Close out of both screens. If picture didnt change in the dashboard, you'll have to remove it and then place it back on the dashboard from the Finder window. Happy updating!!

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