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Desktop Icons Set MSDN by thre3dee
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June 29th, 2005

I use MSDN Library and Visual Studio .NET 2003 but never had any ObjectDock icons for them so I made them. The MSDN Library icon was made in Photoshop and the Visual Studio icon was made in 3ds max.

Desktop Icons Set Flags of the World by strawberried
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Flags of the World

September 4th, 2005

20 flags from around the world.

Desktop Icons Set Lexar JumpDrive by lainsnavi
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Lexar JumpDrive

March 22nd, 2006

I wanted an icon for my JumpDrive, but I couldn't find any. So, I illustrated it myself using Adobe Illustrator! This pack includes six icons. Three with the cap on at different angles as well as three others without the cap at the same angles. I made it as accurate as I could without resorting to tracing.

Desktop Icons Set Sniny, Smiley Faces by Icon Icon
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Sniny, Smiley Faces

April 1st, 2006

16 smileys for your desktop.

Desktop Icons Set Aqua Neue (blue) by Louie Mantia
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Aqua Neue (blue)

April 30th, 2006

This is a brand new set of system replacement icons in Aqua style. Meant to be an improvement to Aqua’s default, users will have no problem switching over to them. Download Aqua Neue now and enjoy!

Desktop Icons Set S?ng Zhú Méi by iconcubic.com
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S?ng Zhú Méi

August 19th, 2006

S?ng,same as pine tree in English. along with Zhú the bamboo and Méi the plum tree are admired for their perseverance under harsh conditions,and are together known as the "Three Friends in Winter" in Chinese culture.

These icons are great as replacements for the Recycle Bin or Trash Can.

Desktop Icons Set iPhone Sketch by FastIcon.com
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iPhone Sketch

July 12th, 2007

4 free icons of iPhone, designed in scribbled style.

Desktop Icons Set CDR Software 1.1 by FOOOD
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CDR Software 1.1

April 23rd, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Cover vol. 1 by Russell Jones
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Cover vol. 1

October 14th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Smither's Trash by Steven W.  Smith
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Smither's Trash

October 26th, 2003
Trick out Microsoft Windows with incredible desktop themes! Available for: Windows 7, Vista, and XP.
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