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Desktop Icons Set Containers by p
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By p
December 26th, 2002

As you may had discovered, this is absolutely my first endeavor in the annals Icon Making.

This started out as a In-House project to easily determined the different HD for the computers in the agency.

Apparently people liked the way they looked so....here are some generic version of the ones that we are using.

Watch closely how the transparency of the icons interact with the backgrounds!

I hope you liked it.

Desktop Icons Set Animauls by Studio Thoughtcrimez
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April 27th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Simple Button by elpincho
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Simple Button

December 7th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set iDrives by Wolfgang Bartelme
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March 19th, 2005

The iDrives iconset contains 20 hard disk icons, inspired by the iMac G5.

Desktop Icons Set Sketchy Pictures by Sketchy
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Sketchy Pictures

July 18th, 2005
Desktop Icons Set Be the DJ by Nando
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Be the DJ

August 7th, 2007

This is just a little preview. I’ll release a complete system replacement set soon. Turn the sound on!

Desktop Icons Set Creatures vol. 2 by FastIcon.com
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Creatures vol. 2

August 10th, 2007

10 new freeware icons of cute and funny creatures.

Desktop Icons Set Virtual Heads by James Doyle
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Virtual Heads

October 16th, 2000
Desktop Icons Set Planets by James Doyle
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October 23rd, 2000
Desktop Icons Set Fire.app by Carlos Reyes
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October 26th, 2000
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