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Desktop Icons Set Pratch's Graphite Files by Pratch
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Pratch's Graphite Files

June 21st, 2001
Desktop Icons Set BeFolders Icon Set by Kellen Vandam
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BeFolders Icon Set

March 28th, 2002

Folder icons styled after those in BeOS release 5.

Icon Colour Key:

  • BeFolder - BeOS logo.
  • Aqua - Like you need to ask.
  • bgcolor - Matches your background.
  • Carbon - Graphite coloured version of the Aqua icon.
  • Chocolate - mmm chocolate
  • Classic - BeOS folder colouring.
  • Glass - Mostly clear.
  • Graphite - to match the bundled graphite backgrounds.
  • Mocha - to wash down the chocolate.
  • Quicksilver - For those of you lucky enough to have an Apple super drive.
  • Slab - true grey version.
  • Slate - A colour which more accurately matches the true external of the G4s.
  • Snow - Works well with graphite desktop images.
Desktop Icons Set Eye-Cons by Nathan Blake
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April 21st, 2002
Desktop Icons Set Zen by Suki
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By Suki
August 15th, 2002
Desktop Icons Set Game Cube by Joshua Jones
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Game Cube

December 3rd, 2002

Well, I’m known for making nothing but Nintendo-related sets so far, so why not add in some GameCube icons? I didn’t bother checking to see if there were GameCube icons out there already, but I’m sure there are, and I’m sure these will make a fine addition to your collection. Enjoy.

Desktop Icons Set Muscle Cars by Chris Gallipoli
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Muscle Cars

December 11th, 2002
Desktop Icons Set Camouflage by Maik Wirt
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December 16th, 2002
Desktop Icons Set MWSF Reminder by Sam Kuo
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MWSF Reminder

January 6th, 2003

Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs deliver the Macworld Expo keynote address from Moscone Center in San Francisco. See the live webcast right here on January 7 at 9am PT exclusively in QuickTime. It's an event you won't want to miss.

Keynote Stream

Desktop Icons Set iCollection by Wolfgang Bartelme
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December 22nd, 2004

Inspired by the current product line of Apple.

Desktop Icons Set EZ Folders by GStudio
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EZ Folders

July 3rd, 2007

Very elegant three folders made as an inspiration from apple's computer cases.

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