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Desktop Icons Set Favorites 3D by James Doyle
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Favorites 3D

February 1st, 2001
Desktop Icons Set iDrives by Damon Bransom
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February 13th, 2001
Desktop Icons Set Technopop by Omid Tavallai
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May 5th, 2001

This one came from listening to too much trance, I suppose. I wanted the clean, geometric shapes associated with a lot of the electronic music/rave/whatever motif (TECHNO) and the bright, cheery, happy thing (POP). I think I pulled it off without being all candy-raver. :P

Desktop Icons Set MM Titanium by Mikkel Madsen
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MM Titanium

May 19th, 2001
Desktop Icons Set MM Folders 4 by Mikkel Madsen
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MM Folders 4

June 5th, 2001
Desktop Icons Set MM Documents II by Mikkel Madsen
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MM Documents II

July 22nd, 2001
Desktop Icons Set Surfers Skulls by jail
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Surfers Skulls

By jail
March 6th, 2002
Desktop Icons Set C7-Jaguar by James A. Cukr
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July 26th, 2002
Desktop Icons Set TripX Icons 1.0 by Aaron
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TripX Icons 1.0

September 6th, 2002

These are some app icons I've created. Please drop me a line and let me know if they've been useful for you and maybe I'll continue making more.

Desktop Icons Set Cooling by Billy Chan
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September 16th, 2002
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