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Desktop Icons Set Scheldes V by Jamie McCanless
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Scheldes V

June 21st, 2002
Desktop Icons Set iTunes by Jairo Boudewyn
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July 14th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Googie Drives by Ian Aberle
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Googie Drives

February 6th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Smilemania vol. 1 by VladZ
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Smilemania vol. 1

February 5th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Tools Set vol. 2 by Tab
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Tools Set vol. 2

By Tab
May 21st, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Stone Baked Pizza by Gorgeousity
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Stone Baked Pizza

April 30th, 2004

This is the second pizza set, the pizza base is now stone baked and a new selection of strange foodstuffs is provided.

All new ingredients are compatible with the first Pizza set. Some of the included Pizzas use ingredients from the first set, which you will need to download in order to use.

Use the preset pizzas or make your own.

To layer the ingredients.

  1. Set the icons to maximum size (128)
  2. Set the window to Snap to grid
  3. Drag the ingredients on to the base
  4. Put the Parmesan and Herbs on last, it tastes better.

Email me with any comments or recipe requests

Desktop Icons Set Modern Scientists by John Schilling
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Modern Scientists

May 28th, 2001
Desktop Icons Set Dogs vol. 3 by akitharo
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Dogs vol. 3

November 22nd, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Standard Docklings by Damon Bransom
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Standard Docklings

April 11th, 2001
Desktop Icons Set iSimple System 2.0 by FastIcon.com
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iSimple System 2.0

May 30th, 2006

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