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Free Desktop Icons for Mac Os X

Randomly selected Icon Sets

There are 10 icon sets listed below, selected randomly from our database. Reload the page for another random listing of icon sets.

You are currently only browsing icon sets available for Mac Os X.

Desktop Icons Set Pictograms by Icon Icon
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December 28th, 2005

A set of system replacement icons based on the simplified style of street signs and other glyphs.

Desktop Icons Set Fain Drive by Seifer
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Fain Drive

August 4th, 2006

Six hard drive icons.

Desktop Icons Set Stamps by Yazoo
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April 6th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Tiger Xi by Steven W.  Smith
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Tiger Xi

October 14th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Apple Keychains by Wacky Pixel Co.
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Apple Keychains

October 12th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set b'alam-a-rama by Jamie McCanless
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March 20th, 2003

Ancient Mayan writing intrigues me. OS X Jaguar inhabits my Mac. Time to pattern a set of icons on jaguar-y Mayan glyphs! Here are fifteen designs, each in two color schemes: setting sun and dawn's edge, sand and sea, painted and polished... you get the idea.

Desktop Icons Set Dashy by Jerome Bareo
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February 5th, 2007

Another set of Dashboard icons.

Desktop Icons Set G-Ball 7: System Utilities by Naoki Matsubara
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Desktop Icons Set Icon Sea by eddie82ad
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Icon Sea

February 13th, 2006

Hand sketeches of sea creatures, colored in Painter IX.

Desktop Icons Set Butterfly Planes by Igor Crnatovic
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Butterfly Planes

July 11th, 2004
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