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Free Desktop Icons for Mac Os X

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Desktop Icons Set Hand Tools by Walid Hassan
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Hand Tools

March 21st, 2003
Desktop Icons Set VeeDubbers by Steph Vallieres
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February 13th, 2007

My first set of icons, based on the famous VW type 2 minivan of the seventies.

Desktop Icons Set Apple 30-inch Cinema HD by James Gowan
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Apple 30-inch Cinema HD

July 3rd, 2004

For high resolution (2560x1600) desktop wallpaper for use with this monitor, see our wallpapers section.

Desktop Icons Set XMas vol. 2 by mache
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XMas vol. 2

December 24th, 2006

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Desktop Icons Set Baahaus BBEdit by Paul Armstrong
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Baahaus BBEdit

September 19th, 2004

This icon set is meant to be a replacement for the application BBEdit.

Desktop Icons Set OS 9 Rainbow Folders by Rick Moore
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OS 9 Rainbow Folders

February 2nd, 2001
Desktop Icons Set Consoleicons by FreeFrog
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September 5th, 2004

I hope you enjoy this small set of pixel creations inspired by some of the wonderful game consoles currently available.

Desktop Icons Set Adiumotion 2.0 by methnen
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Adiumotion 2.0

March 3rd, 2002

These icons are made specifically to replace the default icons in the third party AIM client Adium. To install the icons drag all three of them into the Dock Icons folder. The folder can be found here:

/Home/Library/Application Support/Adium/Custom Files/Dock Icons/

Then go the prefrences in Adium and select the Icons.

A replacement Away Graphic is also included. Installing this is more difficult. First find the Adium application and ctrl-click (right click) on its icon. A menu will pop up. Select, "Show Package Contents." Open the "Contents" folder and then open the "Resources" folder. Now find the file named "overlay_away.tiff" and ctrl-click on it and select "Duplicate." This makes a copy so you can go back to the old away graphic if you want to. Then drag the "overlay_away.tiff" file from the Adiumotion folder into the "Resources" folder and click replace. Restart Adium and when you are away instead of the sign the chat bubble will display "Away..."

Desktop Icons Set Simple Button by elpincho
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Simple Button

December 7th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Flags of the world by strawberried
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Flags of the world

September 4th, 2005

20 flags from around the world.

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