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Desktop Icons Set Collection of Icons by Dragon XP
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Collection of Icons

October 1st, 2006

An unimaginably named set of folder icons.

Desktop Icons Set Portraits by Musett (Alejandro Lopez Ulloa)
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May 15th, 2006

Thes icons were made in Adobe Photoshop.

Desktop Icons Set Bugs and Viruses by what what
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Bugs and Viruses

December 21st, 2004

The new wave of bugs, colds and viruses dedicated to bring us down at this time of year.

Desktop Icons Set Blurburger Pack 3 by Pete Joison
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Blurburger Pack 3

May 22nd, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Mac OS X Tiger by Amaus Design
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Mac OS X Tiger

April 26th, 2005

OS X Tiger icons ready to celebrate the release of Mac OS X Tiger.

Desktop Icons Set CD Labeler by Yo Yau
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CD Labeler

December 12th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Toons by spratz
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March 28th, 2005

Comic Drawings.

Desktop Icons Set Christmas 2003 by Marvilla
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Christmas 2003

December 3rd, 2003
Desktop Icons Set Super Fighters III by Anthony
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Super Fighters III

September 29th, 2002
Desktop Icons Set iFTP by elpincho
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February 3rd, 2005

Icons for FTP applications, in three different color combinations.

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