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Desktop Icons Set Pure Silver Cooper by Matthew Hong
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Pure Silver Cooper

December 25th, 2003
Desktop Icons Set iPod Minis by Scott Hill (smhill.net)
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iPod Minis

January 6th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set iPod mini by Helmer
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iPod mini

January 14th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set G5 Cube by Proença
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G5 Cube

January 15th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Easter Eggs by PixelPrincess!
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Easter Eggs

March 3rd, 2004

Happy Easter!

Desktop Icons Set The Modern Age Monkey Zoo by Jambon
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The Modern Age Monkey Zoo

June 27th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set iPod Toolbar Icons by BuyIcons.com
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iPod Toolbar Icons

July 22nd, 2004

32x32 pixel icons of the entire iPod family.

Desktop Icons Set BBEdit by Andrew Easterbrook
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August 8th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set LG LX5450 by Ryan Fekete
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LG LX5450

August 23rd, 2004
Desktop Icons Set Avatars with Attitude by FreeFrog
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Avatars with Attitude

August 29th, 2004
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