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Desktop Icons Set WinAmp by Jairo Boudewyn
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July 13th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set PearPC by Necrofall
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July 22nd, 2004

PearPC is an experimental Mac OS X emulator for the PC.

Desktop Icons Set FTP Rush by Rokey
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FTP Rush

August 25th, 2004
Desktop Icons Set iPod Directories by Tab
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iPod Directories

By Tab
March 13th, 2005
Desktop Icons Set Grill and Skillet by IconBuffet
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Grill and Skillet

November 16th, 2004

Seeking inspiration for a small icon set to celebrate the Yellowlane redesign, we simply looked to the kitchen. My most-lovely wife also happens to be the most amazing chef in the world. The download is low-cal (only four icons), but busting with great taste.

Desktop Icons Set Cubes by Q.com
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January 26th, 2005
Desktop Icons Set iPod mini Directories by Tab
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iPod mini Directories

By Tab
May 15th, 2005

iPod mini tools and directories.

Desktop Icons Set iPods by FastIcon.com
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May 16th, 2005
Desktop Icons Set iPod by Bombia Design
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June 14th, 2005

4th generation iPod.

Desktop Icons Set Apple Hardware vol. 3 by Bombia Design
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Apple Hardware vol. 3

August 12th, 2005

Icons of Apple's Cinema Display, iBook G4 and iMac G5 rendered in a bright and clear style.

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