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Desktop Icons Set Pretty Gurrl part 1 by crayola_kidd
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Pretty Gurrl part 1

February 15th, 2005

This is the first half of the icon set consisting in total of 74 icons plus another 17 extras. Please download both parts, both for the full experience and so that the accompanying .iconset file can be used for stylexp users. Ignore the strange naming of a couple of icons - there are certain icons the stylexp only seems to accept with specific naming - even if that name isn't the most logical!! This is an icon set I designed for my better half to "pretty-up" her new computer, after finding a dismal lack of "girly" icons around the traps...thus thought might be welcomly recieved. Sorry to the guys out there, but this was never designed with you in mind :) Cheers and Enjoy - Elric

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