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Desktop Icons Set Milkanodised by rimshot
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May 11th, 2005

Milkanodised is a complete replacement set icons from RimshotDesign. I decided to creat Milkanodised 8 mounth ago, after lot of preview the set awaited is now available. But why choose this name ? As you'll see it's because hard disk, folder and device are based on white platic from iMac G5. So that set look gret with theme light themes like Milk. For Toolbar, i decided to make realistic icons in 32 px and don't use white icons cause they didn't look well with Aqua or other light themes.

To have a complete set I thought that i should included all Apple hardware icons. All these extra icons are photo realistic in 128px. I will update Milkanodised Extra if new product are released by Apple.

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