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Desktop Icons Set Snowed-In by Kevin Pott
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December 13th, 2002

Hi, well as promised, here is another set of wonderful icons for your OSX Dock. I've made a couple more, and I also added a how to section so you can learn how to make the same look to your icons. I can't make them all, so by popular demand I've made a tutorial.

Please have fun with your icons, and make a backup before you fiddle with anything. And please take the time to read my ReadMe file inside "The icons" folder. It's very important and it will give you a couple of pointers to save time.

I also made a PDF manual so you can create your own cool icons. So please if you would like to create your own customized icons with the Snowed-In theme, visit us at http://www.cinetic.qc.ca/

Have fun! more icons are on the way.

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