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April 23rd, 2007


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July 14th, 1986

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Originally from Vila do Carvalho, Covilha, Portugal, a very small village I have always been close to nature, especially in its wilder aspects, probably because of living on the mountain side. No doubt because of my early intimate contact with nature I have a deep and acute perception of beauty in all its aspects. Helping my father with his flock of sheep in the rugged and desolate Serra Da Estrela or lending a hand to my grandmother around the farm has given me my inner calm and penetrating vision. I have been living in London now since 2003 and although I miss my mountains and captivating scenery I carry them with me in my head and use what they have taught me to explore this fantastically varied country and to record in photography its matchless beauty. My aim now is to share my inner eye with those who love beauty and o work in the photography profession, making my passion my career. follow me on facebook: joel antunes photography
Canon 5D mark ii, Canon 16-35mk ii, canon 24L TSE, Canon 24-105L, Sigma 15mm fisheye, Manfrotto Magfibre MF4 tripod, Lee Filters (Polariser, Soft & Hard edge ND Graduated), Lowe Pro Vertex 200 backpack

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