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Created by Matthew Mosher • matt@mattmosher.com • www.mattmosher.com ____________________________________________ TERMS OF USE ____________________________________________ All images files found here and at mattmosher.com are protected by international copyright laws. They are for your personal, educational, non-commercial use only. By visiting my images on this site and on mattmosher.com you are granted a personal license to download and use the files on your personal computer. You may NOT redistribute them for financial gain or place them within any compilation CD, software, website or ANY other reproducible media. You MAY use mattmosher.com files in your non-commercial works providing you make me aware of your use, provide a link to mattmosher.com and provide a credit as well to Matt Mosher. Use of mattmosher.com files in commercial works is NOT permitted, UNLESS you are under a signed stock usage agreement between your entity and mattmosher.com. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Matthew Mosher - cinematographer | photographer - www.mattmosher.com _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Affiliations : ICG | IATSE Local 600 | SOC Society of Camera Operators | SOAC Society of Aerial Cinematography DCS Digital Cinema Society | Certified : SCUBA, CPR, First Aid, Lifesaving, and CSATF Safety Passport | CSATF - LA Feature Film Experience Roster


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