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Wallpaper Details: Saskatchewan's Only Trees

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Saskatchewan's Only Trees by bpotstra
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Saskatchewan's Only Trees

August 25th, 2007

Taken from my car window while driving across Canada.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: xlarryx1 from gmail.com
about 14 years, 12 months ago
wow this is fabulous!
Posted By: houmanator from gmail.com
about 14 years, 12 months ago
Too bad bottom of the photo is blurred out.
Posted By: jpicard from wi.rr.com
about 14 years, 12 months ago
I like this but I too wish the bottom wasn't so blurred. I'm sure a limited depth of field is part of this but it looks like it's been manipulated a bit as well.
Posted By: theguitarguy from hotmail.com
about 14 years, 12 months ago
Hey I'm from Saskatchewan. There's plenty of tree's in Saskatchewan haha. Interesting picture though.
Posted By: Bluro
about 14 years, 12 months ago
i think it looks very much manipulated in the front... the blur is noch normal...
but i dont think that you have manipulated it, because it makes no sense... so could it be a upload-disruption or something like that?
Posted By: felixdandurand from yahoo.ca
about 14 years, 12 months ago
don't forget he was driving...
Posted By: thrillhouse57 from gmail.com
about 14 years, 12 months ago
This would be my desktop if the bottom wasn't so blurry.
Posted By: aqua*star
about 14 years, 12 months ago
haha, i've taken similar shots but not nearly as cool :)
Posted By: funkyblue from woh.rr.com
about 14 years, 12 months ago
I like the motion blur form the driving shot.
Posted By: m_yakiwchuk from hotmail.com
about 14 years, 11 months ago
love the picture and the blurring out at the bottom. One thing though: Saskatchewan, like all Canadian provinces, is a province of many different landscapes. The "flat" prairie most people are familiar with is common in the central and Southern regions. However, in the South East part of the province are the Cypress Foothills, and the Northern region is populated by forests and many excellent lakes for fishing. Having been to Saskatchewan, several times and admired its variety of natural beauty, I disagree with the stereotypical view of Saskatchewan as a flat prairie province. However, I can see where the view comes from: Most Saskatchewanites live in the Southern bit of the province, smack dab in the middle of the prairies.
Posted By: bpotstra from gmail.com
about 14 years, 11 months ago
Obviously, I know that there is more to Sask. than just open fields... a bit of a joke, the title.
Posted By: stokd_18 from hotmail.com
about 14 years, 11 months ago
I'm also from Sask :) Saskatoon, actually.
Posted By: geoff from webapart.be
about 14 years, 10 months ago
Wonderful shot!
It replaced my desktop background instantly.
I want to go there!

Posted By: yangsc_2007 from sina.com
about 14 years, 9 months ago
It's beautiful what ever seen!
I like there!i think that i will ofen go there!
about 14 years, 8 months ago
Shot with higher f-stop this might have been great picture. The blur in front ruins everything. :(
Posted By: Chadian
about 13 years, 4 months ago
Did anyone think that it may have been his car window that caused the blur?
Posted By: nickmaster96
about 13 years ago
yeah there is too much blur on the bottom
Posted By: e1eganth
about 10 years, 3 months ago
the picture is so beautiful but there is too much blur on the bottom

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