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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Earth & Moon by xviews
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Earth & Moon

October 28th, 2008

Additional wallpapers can be found on my website.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: Macker
about 13 years ago
PS3 style... really like it!
Posted By: Vinnard
about 13 years ago
Nice job on the stars and planets, but the asteroid looks out of place and I'm not diggin' the lens flare, otherwise great job!
This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: Ben Gustafson
about 13 years ago
Beautiful.. Simply awesome! Downloaded it.
Posted By: Lencias
about 13 years ago
I agree, the asteroid does look out of place.
This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: mrcguy
about 13 years ago
not to mention the dust belt around the moon. I do like it, but there's a lot about it that's just inaccurate in terms of physics, but it's cool if you consider it as a sort of alternate reality.
This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: fool
about 13 years ago
Hrm, no 2560x1600 ?!?!? :(
Posted By: xviews
about 13 years ago
thanks for comments, and on my website you can download the PSD file and no asteroid PSD File, no copyright HF&GL
Posted By: Shakaku
about 12 years, 12 months ago
Next time, you could create your own stars, instead of importing it from "http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/details/1659/the_earth.html"
Posted By: Sage
about 12 years, 12 months ago
Lol, nice reference Shakaku, they are totally the same stars. I've seen both of those, but I never would have caught that.
Posted By: JFR91
about 12 years, 12 months ago
Shakaku could you write me how you did create the stars i got one method but mhhh looks ok but yours look much better :D
Posted By: xviews
about 12 years, 12 months ago
I did it not by him, you can download for free, at my website is a file, with moon earth and stars,
tell not such a fool.http://xviews.eu/PICS.rar download it and see.
Posted By: 2Crazy2bTrue
about 12 years, 12 months ago
The arrival of the second black stone of Mekka on point to whipe out the traces of horror the first one made.
Posted By: Ayakano
about 12 years, 11 months ago
I love this one ! It's my wallpaper desktop now ... But what a strange moon ... what a beautiful world !

Nice colours & contrast but maybe too poor bits in earth shadow.

Thank you !

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