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Wallpaper Details: Shipwrecked

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Shipwrecked by Chris Gin
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November 4th, 2008

This is a combination of 3 exposures manually blended. Taken at Half Moon Bay, Auckland.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: Lencias
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Om nom nom, I eat non-sunset pics by Chris for breakfast.
I like it.
This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: Tim H.
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Whoa, look at those colors. Yet another beautiful picture, Chris. Thank you for submitting this.
Posted By: trout
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Very cool. After you posted the link to your Flickr account, I went over and checked out a lot of your shots. I can only hope that IFL sees fit to post more of them - more like this one. To me, this is "old school" IFL - unexpected subject matter in a phenomenal photo. If in fact IFL is running low on quality submissions, I hope you've submitted a lot more of your stuff, Chris. Thanks for this. It's in my wallpaper rotation (gotta love Macbooks for that feature).
Posted By: amprenta
about 13 years, 8 months ago
now this is something u dont see every day, nicely done Chris
This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: tnek46
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Nice job on the camera work, but I'm not sure I'd put this on my desktop.
Posted By: 40
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Chris, why are you posting your stuff on this site? You should be making some money off these...Sell them to ad agencies or to stock photo sites. They're great shots and you've got a bunch of them. Just a thought.
Posted By: Ben Gustafson
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Posted By: deuceswild09
about 13 years, 8 months ago
This is fantastic. The colors are nice and vibrant. I like the glowing effect that the HDR gave this shot. Keep em comin man.
Posted By: dtmoody
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Nice colors and nice perspective... Thanks for posting Chris baby.
Posted By: Madvillainy
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Great colors in this and the subject matter is new! Keep up the original work.
Posted By: PaulCKK
about 13 years, 8 months ago
I can't believe you manually blended them. However, I think these are two errors but I just wanted to see what you thought of them: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b104/f8pc/Untitled-1-34.jpg Very nice picture, however.
Posted By: Chris Gin
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Yeah there are probably quite a few rough areas. I hate spending time in Photoshop and really did this quite quickly!
Posted By: groovemasterodin
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Great shot man, just disappointed there isn't a sunset :( just kidding! thanks for bringing back a taste of what brought me to this site repeatedly for a few years.
Posted By: Annesville
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Thanks to the moderators for listening! And thanks to Chris for the submision. This one is already on my desktop - albeit cropped and resized from flickr.
Posted By: chchnick
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Stunning. My new wallpaper
Posted By: King_Belleauh
about 13 years, 8 months ago
Nice pic. Keep them coming
about 13 years, 7 months ago
Very nice...thanks.
Posted By: evangelion
about 12 years, 9 months ago
i don't like this kind of HDR

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