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Wallpaper Details: Nojiri Village

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Nojiri Village by Josh Douglas Smith
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Nojiri Village

January 15th, 2009

The small village of Nojiri beneath the mountains of Nagano, Japan.


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Comments from the Community

Posted By: Ben Gustafson
about 15 years, 3 months ago
It's a little over-saturated for me.. In my humble opinion, it makes it look a little too fake..

Posted By: Don Pablo
about 15 years, 3 months ago
I like it. A very beautiful valley and mountains.
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about 15 years, 3 months ago
This is a very nice image but just like the previous poster pointed out it does seem to be a little over-saturated to be realistic. I love the colors and textures in this scene but I personally would have toned the saturation down a bit. It's fairly easy to go over the edge with HDR. I learned the hard way myself as well. It's better to be subtle when it comes to tone mapping to achieve realistic representation of the scene. HDR is great when it's done right. Keep up good work. We all live and learn. :)
Posted By: rczeien
about 15 years, 3 months ago
Nice area, but the HDR is way overdone, to the point where it detracts from the image. Just my two cents.
Posted By: 8bitbob
about 15 years, 3 months ago
I love that sky!
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Posted By: MitchCarter
about 15 years, 3 months ago
nice picture!
Posted By: EastTN
about 15 years, 3 months ago
I disagree with the previous people stating that it is over saturated. Maybe it is just my monitors but it looks great to me. Nice work.
Posted By: fool
about 15 years, 3 months ago
no love for the dual monitor people :(
Posted By: brizkit
about 15 years, 3 months ago
Good to see more of Japan on IFL, but this one's way too busy! The HDR distracts from what could have been a superb and pleasing photo. Very nice otherwise, but I can't say it's a favorite.
Posted By: Elfgren89
about 15 years, 3 months ago
Yes! More pictures from Japan!
Posted By: trout
about 15 years, 3 months ago
If you're still in the area I would love to see a regular take on that valley and sky. Some truly incredible scenery, but the over-saturation - as "rczeien" said - seems to detract from your subject.
Posted By: H4wk41
about 15 years, 3 months ago
Wow... That sky is simply amazing! Just like in your previous submission. Great work, would love to see more :)
Posted By: Gandee
about 15 years, 3 months ago
Very nice background, but the foreground colours are a bit too warm.
Posted By: stubulman
about 15 years, 3 months ago
I like the foreground, mid-ground and the mountain range. Sorry to say that the cloudy sky also appears to be in the foreground; I wish it were a bit more recessive.
Posted By: Bojan Marsetich
about 15 years, 3 months ago
Ok awesome, BUT not for Wallpaper! too confusing in colours and contrasts.
Posted By: Glaeken62p
about 15 years, 3 months ago
Beautiful scenery; well framed. But like so many of the shots posted here, the intensity of the colors creates a garish look bordering on cartoon. A lighter hand in this area might make for a better presentation.

Of course if that's the intent of those posting then the goal has been achieved most convincingly.
Posted By: Equinox
about 15 years, 3 months ago
This picture is so good... love the HDR! One of my favorite wallpapers already. :)
Posted By: ningbo1988
about 15 years, 2 months ago
Posted By: jdonner
about 15 years, 2 months ago
Terrible abuse of HDRI again...sigh
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about 15 years, 2 months ago
Heh! Quite the emphatic dissent! To each his own I guess. I didn't know there was a right way and wrong way to HDRI. Perhaps I should have brought this image before the Grand High HDR Council for approval to ensure that it doesn't break any of the HDR laws that were established to appease the sensibilities of a nondescript majority. Of course, I kid. Well, in any case, at least I like it, heh.
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