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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Bright Ideas by chogan
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Bright Ideas

January 26th, 2009

Yes, I got the idea from "The Prestige". Specifically, the scene where he enters the field of light bulbs, illuminating across the ground.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: QuaffAPint
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Very cool! But, it's funny - I find myself having to almost squint from the light bulb brightness - now that's realism :-D
Posted By: Don Pablo
about 15 years, 4 months ago
I really like it.
Posted By: PMoe
about 15 years, 4 months ago
i really like the concept....but this doesn't really do it for me, in particular the back light bulb. It has little to no blur where as the area it is placed in the original photo is clearly out-of-focus (haha clearly out of focus =P).
Also spending a bit more time on the base of the light bulbs where they enter the plant could help aswell.
Other than that, it is a really cool idea!!
Posted By: stubulman
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Whose "bright idea" was this? (Ohh, I make a funny.) The scene looks a little choked. Also, if you're replicating the same bulb, I would at least flip one or two of them horizontally. As it is, their outlines are identical. It is a cool concept, but I would somehow give the bulbs more character and believe or not more depth.
Posted By: altruist
about 15 years, 4 months ago
one of the best amazing pictures i've seen on IFL so far. u did a great job. i'm feeling the warmth of those bulbs in my stomach! awesome
Posted By: theroyalestella
about 15 years, 4 months ago
You know when you first hear or see something and it keeps popping up in your life? Well I just saw "The Prestige" yesterday and this is the third instance it has been brought up to me! Great movie and great picture. Thanks.
Posted By: altruist
about 15 years, 4 months ago
hehe yeah it reminded me too of the movie prestige! touché! ;-)

Posted By: BobBrkersMyHero
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Genius! I really like this.
Posted By: trout
about 15 years, 4 months ago
My biggest hang-up about this work is how the bulbs appear to be ON the grass versus IN the grass, and the latter is what I suspect the artist was actually going for. And as someone else already mentioned, that back bulb just looks copied and pasted on, granted I think all of them do to some extent. Now, that being said, I love the grass in this shot and would love a version of this with only the grass or moss or whatever that actually is.
Posted By: ifrogg
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Its fine. not one that people would go up to and scream, "that is so beautiful! Amazing! I can hardly believe it", but its something. Very soft and smooth. BUT I can tell those are as a matter of fact NOT real light bulbs... how they just fade before the ground and how the fields of focus are very contrasting from the moss to the light bulbs. now THIS disappointed me. sorry.
Posted By: studioimbrue
about 15 years, 4 months ago
the photo without the bulbs would be good, but the bulbs look forced and obviously photoshopped. keep working at it, it'll look good.

Posted By: 7wonders
about 15 years, 4 months ago
oh my. looks like something out of High Times magazine. i can just see the title to the cover story: Bright Ideas for Home Cultivation. lol.

This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: Sage
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Yeah as trout and PMoe said, the base of the bulbs ruins it for me. They really need to look like they're coming out from the grass or the effect doesn't work at all.
Posted By: brizkit
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Hey, maybe the execution isn't perfect here, but I really like the general idea of creating your own subject (as opposed to seeking one out). I'd love to see more of this kind of hybrid photo-art on IFL in addition to the nature stuff. Lots of potential. Favorited for the cool concept alone!
Posted By: golf007sd
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Quite different than what I have seen here in the past. Keep at it, I'm sure you will have something that I will put on my HD.
This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: stubulman
about 15 years, 4 months ago
I'm sure most of you don't care, but I made a spelling error in my post above: Whose should read Who's. Goodnight.
This comment is rated: immature
Posted By: dumalo
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Tesla was Robbed!!
Posted By: BetWinston
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Keep working on it. A good idea, but it just needs a few touch-ups.
Posted By: Adam Dell
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Very intelligent idea. Very Creative also. its tight. nice shot man
Posted By: chickenwire
about 15 years, 4 months ago
would love to see a version of this with compact fluorescent light bulbs!
Posted By: chogan
about 15 years, 4 months ago
Thanks everybody for checking out my artwork. I completely agree with almost all of the comments regarding what works with the image and what doesn't work. Believe it or not, this piece was actually one of the first pieces I've done for my Senior Seminar Studio Art Project for my Art Major. As a result of it being one of the first, many of the pieces I did after this one were much more successful. The only reason I haven't submitted the others are because the dimensions wouldn't work as wallpaper. But nonetheless, thanks for all the comments!!

Posted By: integrated
about 15 years, 3 months ago
superb thank u
Posted By: Richard Mohler
about 15 years ago
Well done..

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