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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Greenland Mystery by OsirisPrime
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Greenland Mystery

July 2nd, 2009

Photo taken on the east coast of Greenland in Summer 2008.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: s1ipp3ry
about 15 years ago
With these type nature shots I like to keep all man made objects out of the picture .. great picture but could have been awesome.
Posted By: 40
about 15 years ago
I love the ship in the picture. It adds a sense of solitude and a feeling of intimidation that would otherwise be missing without the human influence. Great capture!
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Posted By: austen
about 15 years ago
i agree with slippery. but it does add perspective to the size of the iceberg.
Posted By: stubulman
about 15 years ago
I, too, am equivocal about the inclusion of the boat in the shot. If it were a simpler craft and more muted in color, it would work better. Compositionally though it is in exactly the right place. Having said that, the image is just astounding.
Posted By: OsirisPrime
about 15 years ago
Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them.
Unfortunately the somehow lower quality of the JPEG compression here on the website is ruining some of the smoothness of the fog in the fore- and background. In the original the fog is all smooth without any visible steps in the colors. I understand they have to save disk space on the web server but I think it's a pity.
Posted By: Hitnrun
about 15 years ago
OsirisPrime, beautiful image however i wish you never pointed out the jpeg compression. I looked for it and i hate it. Is there anyway you can somehow host a higher quality image somewhere as this could be completely stunning, not that it isn't at the moment.
Posted By: lerch84
about 15 years ago
I have never seen a photo like this on this site..obviously because there are a few people who go to this places ;)..anyway I like it and I agree with 40 about the sense of solitude given by the ship!
Posted By: Dhaman
about 15 years ago
I think the ship actually works really well. Great shot.
about 15 years ago
WOW! Amazing work buddy! I totally disagree with the first poster. A boat adds phenomenal and much needed element in this particular scene. Without the boat in this capture the image would have been average but right now this is as perfect as it gets! I am very moved by this image. We need more phenomenal vistas uploaded here. There is a great amount of mediocre captures in the loupe. There are a few very magnificent masterpieces in the loupe but unfortunately there may be not be enough votes for some to see a day light. We need more people with decent taste to vote on these submissions.
Posted By: OsirisPrime
about 15 years ago
Thank you very much for your nice comments. I'm really flabbergasted.
I've uploaded a copy of this photo in a high quality onto another webspace. But be aware, the photo is about 1.8 MB in size (3398x2265 pixels).

You can find it here:

I hope I'm allowed to post a link here. Well, I give it a try anyway.
Posted By: Bojan Marsetich
about 15 years ago
I like Winters, I like Snow. I like this photo!!!
Posted By: Pastewka
about 15 years ago
Have someone noticed the same thing as me? I think the big iceberg looks like a sleeping polar bear (:
Posted By: Lord_Illidan
about 15 years ago
Pastewka, now you mention it, yes, it does look like a Polar Bear. Kudos on this image btw,it looks fantastic. I love it.
Posted By: plw1234
about 15 years ago
I signed up on the website just to say great work! I love the iceberg, the boat, the birds, the fog; everything is just right!

And thanks for the higher res picture. That's even better.
Posted By: Mac Man
about 15 years ago
Pretty. love it!
Posted By: OsirisPrime
about 15 years ago
@all: Thank you, thank you very much. I really don't know what to say. I never expected anyone would also like this photo as much as I do.

I've put another three photos on my webspace:

1. http://www.central-nexus.com/tmp/IMG_1901.jpg
2. http://www.central-nexus.com/tmp/IMG_2007.jpg
3. http://www.central-nexus.com/tmp/IMG_2080.jpg

All three photos were taken by me on our trip to Antarctica in February 2006. I took them on the day my wife and I got married on board the MS Hanseatic by the Captain while the vessel was fighting for its way through a thick field of ice (see photo 1) south of the southern polar circle. What a day, what a place, what a marriage!

Even if those three photos may not be as good as the photo from Greenland, I like them very much.

For me the first of them really shows the heart & soul of Antarctica: a mysterious vastness full of blue and white, empty, huge, incredible impressive and somewhere in it: two lonely seals on the ice.

@iPanic: That's ok for me. I'm feeling honored. :-)
Posted By: Mac Man
about 15 years ago
I like the other pictures a lot!~ Exp the seal!
Posted By: Zoso4
about 15 years ago
What a wonderful picture. Thank you for bringing the world to me so I can enjoy it from my home. :)
Posted By: Daniel Goble
about 15 years ago
Awesome image. Totally agree that the ship adds to the picture.

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