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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Cheetah Beauty by FotoFelix
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Cheetah Beauty

July 31st, 2009

Isn't she a beauty? Took this on a visit at the Cologne Zoo in May. Just got my EF 70-210 f/4 and learned to love it.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: Actias Luna
about 13 years ago
Excellent composition, depth of field and colours. I'm appreciating the lack of noise and the sharpness too. :)
This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: Gen
about 13 years ago
Great pic!

She sure is beautifull.

I wish there were more pics like yours on interfacelift, and less computer generated garbage, like we have been seing around here lately.

Cant wait for more of your pics! Please keep them coming!
Posted By: Tdot
about 13 years ago
Thats a big frickin cat.
Posted By: Spook-ld
about 13 years ago
very, very nice. Detail on the cat looks great and i especially like the way the grass has been captured in the background.
Posted By:
about 13 years ago
Posted By: Writigraphic
about 13 years ago
Great job -- this is a great clean and crisp picture. I really admire this picture because I know how hard it is to get good pictures of zoo animals with glass and fencing in the way and the general sporadic quick movements of animals that make them hard to capture without a blur. So kudos to you :)
Posted By: Mac Man
about 13 years ago
It looks really good! I like the color. Beautiful animal.
Posted By: Eoin
about 13 years ago
Fantastic, you're very talented. Thanks so much for uploading it.
Posted By: s1ipp3ry
about 13 years ago
Posted By: austen
about 13 years ago
i never knew there was a zoo in cologne. nice pic
Posted By: golf007sd
about 13 years ago
Very nice. Makes me want to play with the kitties :D
about 13 years ago
It would be nice to see more good animal shots like this one around here! When you're shooting in a zoo, it's essential not to let that show in the photo. You accomplished this very well here.
Posted By: BabyBurned
about 13 years ago
doesn't this picture violate IFL's own guidelines? i mean i can hardly image a consent form signed by the cheeta accompanied the submission. has it?

in any event, there's nothing particularly wrong with the photo, it's just that i bring home 200 such shots everytime i visit a zoo. catch my drift?
This comment is rated: immature
Posted By: BabyBurned
about 13 years ago
@Chamberlin Productions

you don't think this looks like a zoo picture? to me it's extremely zooish. don't you watch Animal Planet? the only place in all of Africa where you could find that kind of luscious green grass is Robert Mugabe's front lawn.
This comment is rated: immature
Posted By: trout
about 13 years ago
Oh dang it, I agree with Burn. Not that this looks like a zoo picture, but that this looks like something someone might come home with a lot of. I would say it's slightly above the level of what many would take home after a trip to the zoo. Granted it's FAR above anything I might take home. The only cameras I own come in cardboard wrappers :-)
Posted By: trout
about 13 years ago
For clarification: When I say many would bring home themselves, I mean from the pool of talented visitors and contributors here. Not the average chump, like myself. I dunno - it's good, but it just doesn't pop.
Posted By: tog5632
about 13 years ago

Firstly, I do not care whether or not it is taken in a zoo, it doesn't have any effect on the picture of the animal, which by the way, looks the same in a zoo as it does in the wild.
Secondly, analyzing the species and chlorophyll levels of the GRASS in a picture is far from the first thing I do. There is such a thing as being overly critical.

I think the shot is amazing and really shows off the animal well, Great job!
Posted By: stubulman
about 13 years ago
Did you know that the cheetah is the only large cat that purrs? She is a beautiful, stately animal. I don't care whether the photograph was taken in your backyard; it's fine with me.
Posted By: Dhaman
about 13 years ago
Looks great on my desktop. That's one majestic cat.
Posted By: kailIFL
about 13 years ago
I really like it, it looks completely natural to me. Although, I do suspect that at times Mr Mugabe's lawn is indeed green and lush. A few centimeters of water dropped in a short time scale will do that you know, even in South Africa. :)
Posted By: FotoFelix
about 13 years ago
Well, thank you guys so much for your great reviews!

It really means a lot to me, since I've been following IFL for almost five years now, but just started shooting in 2008. The contributions on this site - and therefore you too - have always been great inspiration to me and are most certainly one of the reasons I bought an DSLR in the first place!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the Cheetah on the site this afternoon. I literally jumped out of my chair!
Especially since this is my first attempt to contribute.

Any constructive criticism is most welcome on my flickr-stream, too:
(Including two other shots of these cheetahs btw...)

"i bring home 200 such shots everytime i visit a zoo."

Well, that's awesome! And according to all your (solely negative) comments on a bunch of images here you seem to be the Jesus of photography. So let's see them!!
Posted By:
about 13 years ago
Really nice shot. And why certain commenters are always putting shots down..I don't know. Insecurity in their own ability, I suppose.
Posted By: Lorne R
about 13 years ago
Really nice. I didn't set it as my wallpaper for now (Cypress Lookout will be in that position for a while...) but it's in my collection cause I know I'll use it some day. Great job!

PS. This really is time for an ignore feature. I don't give a monkey's about BabyBurned the troll's opinion.
Posted By: Don Pablo
about 13 years ago
I love it!
Posted By: Beginning
about 13 years ago
Great image... I love it.
Posted By: Mark
about 13 years ago
I'd like to see those 200 shots from Burned up Baby as well.
They must be majestic and masochistic just like the skies he/she imagine.

Beautiful cat. Don't matter if in a zoo or not. Great shot.
Posted By: prowling369
about 13 years ago
IFL needs to ban BabyBurned's account and IP and any screen name associated with the words Baby and Burn. haha.

Great photo btw, i love it. It really captures the beauty of the animal.
about 13 years ago
Babby been burned? How was babby formed?

Great photograph my friend!
Posted By: Crazybone
about 13 years ago
Awesome picture, it is now desktop image.
Posted By: My Eyes
about 13 years ago
Excellent shot, my new Wallpaper.
Posted By: hdpicture
about 12 years, 11 months ago
Awesome Focus, Nice ANgle
Posted By: arielrud
about 12 years, 10 months ago
"..... the only place in all of Africa where you could find that kind of luscious green grass is Robert Mugabe's front lawn"

The fool "BabyBurned" has obviously never been to Africa to make a statement like this and just shows his / her IQ.

I like the cats. Nice shot!!

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