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Wallpaper Details: Background Of Empire State Building

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Background of Empire State Building by bushwickkid0505
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Background of Empire State Building

August 19th, 2009

Great picture from a distance and view of the Empire State Building.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: rapidblue
about 14 years, 11 months ago
Wow, really awesome HDR!!
Posted By: Creatura Noctis
about 14 years, 11 months ago
I voted for this one, awesome!
Posted By: Divyansh
about 14 years, 11 months ago
everyone has his opinion mine is it is 2 bad...>>>>
Posted By:
about 14 years, 11 months ago
The idea is great and the colors are awesome, but in my opinion, there is a little bit too much noise.
This comment is rated: insightful
Posted By: lerch84
about 14 years, 11 months ago
This could be a wonderful photo, but I think that the skyline and the sky have too much noise..I voted for this one, but now I see it at higher resolution I don't like it anymore as before..
Posted By: EastTN
about 14 years, 11 months ago
I like the composition but there is a good bit of noise and the building are a little fuzzy. A little more post processing (shapening & noise reduction) and it is an awesome pic.
Posted By: stubulman
about 14 years, 11 months ago
Too much noise? Granted New York is a noisy town, but I don't hear anything. Granted, there may be some noise, but I love the overall look of this image. It really works. The sparseness of the foreground is fantastic juxtaposed against the skyline with the river providing just the right separation between the two.

PS: The Empire State Building is usually shot straight on. Having it at a slight angle is refreshing.
Posted By: sserschens
about 14 years, 11 months ago
I really like this one. Yeah there is some noise, but it make it seem a little gritty and it's still beautiful. That sums up New York to me! Nice work!
Posted By: stubulman
about 14 years, 11 months ago
Is there something wrong with the IFL's apostrophes?
Posted By: stubulman
about 14 years, 11 months ago
Yes there is.
Posted By: Manas0210
about 14 years, 11 months ago
good Job, however I feel(my opinion) you should have tried to pull in more dynamic range in the sky, less noise and reduce the fringes around the city lights. I'm sure you used a tripod. Did you shoot this picture high ISO? what were your camera settings? Overall Good Shot.

Posted By: Mateo1041
about 14 years, 10 months ago
This one has the potential to be amazing. But IMO, the noise ruins it.
Posted By: jman
about 14 years, 10 months ago
I voted for this, I really wish it was better quality though
Posted By: lunasicc
about 14 years, 10 months ago
x2..this could be a BADASS shot but way to much noise/quality lacking
Posted By: hayythere
about 14 years, 10 months ago
Looks good. I think I would have liked the buildings to be a bit sharper. Maybe a bit less noise, I notice the noise most on the buildings. That's just my preference though, if you love it that's all that matters.
Posted By: Von Sohn
about 14 years, 10 months ago
I think the noise gives the photo a very gritty vibe, I like it!
Posted By: Beginning
about 14 years, 10 months ago
Good Idea..
Posted By: zikman
about 14 years, 10 months ago
it's got a fair bit of noise itself, sure... but I think when IFL processes it, changes it to different resolutions and such, it produces a lot more jpeg compression artifacts. if you zoom in on the sky, the particularly "noisy" parts of the clouds, you can see the artifacts clearly. if the uploader were to upload the original photo to a different host, we might have a better quality wallpaper.
Posted By: Annesville
about 14 years, 10 months ago
For those who voted without seeing the full resolution: In the Loupe when you click on a thumbnail to view the photo in the lightbox, hold you mouse pointer over the image to see a full resolution portion. Be patient, it's loading the whole image, but it does help to check for noise.
Posted By: TheCzarMan
about 14 years, 10 months ago
Can I ask the location of where this was taken? I swear I've been there before and I've been trying to remember the name to go back to it.
Posted By: s_e_brown
about 14 years, 5 months ago
It takes a great photographer to make New York look this good!

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