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Wallpaper Details: Sparrow Resting

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Sparrow Resting by PerfectHue
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Sparrow Resting

October 27th, 2009

Taken a few days ago in Boston, Massachusetts. This little guy was the most cooperative bird ever.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Canon 70-300mm IS.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: Carlos M.
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Loved every single thing in this photo.
My new wallpaper :)
Posted By: Eoin
about 14 years, 7 months ago
The most amazing photograph I have ever seen on this website, and that's an understatement. Absolutely fantastic, thanks a million.
Posted By: Mac Man
about 14 years, 7 months ago
I LOVE the Fall leaves in the background!!! Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: animeinme
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Great bird wallpaper! Works extremely well on the desktop.
Posted By: Ben Gustafson
about 14 years, 7 months ago
The colors and the fall leaves are what sells it. Awesome job!
Posted By: trout
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Posted By: Gen
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Excellent Picture.

Thank you so much for sharing and please don't stop!

Posted By: firefly.serenity
about 14 years, 7 months ago
This is as close to perfect as a photograph can be. It is stunningly gorgeous.
Posted By: Beginning
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Whatever everyone else said.. :) Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: Clyde
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Beautiful picture. Just perfect :)
Posted By: Peace and Love
about 14 years, 7 months ago
This is absolultely amazing. My new iMac Desktop .. thank you, and props on the work.
Posted By: Stretix
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Beautiful colors - nice and sharp - wonderful depth, fantastic photo.

Amazing job, my newest wallpaper.
Posted By: stubulman
about 14 years, 7 months ago
The bird was cooperative because he knew his picture was being taken by a true professional. The depth of field is just right too.
Posted By: slashbomb123
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Hehe. I love the bird in the photo. It's a pretty picture w/ it and w/o it, you wouldn't have gotten a better object to focus on. Nice work.
Posted By: PoopChef
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Dear Miniman,

Please submit more photos, this one is awesome.

Posted By: pirate_republic
about 14 years, 7 months ago
An amazing photograph.

Although the depth of field seems a little bit too shallow for my liking. I would have liked more focus on those brilliant leaves but maybe that's just me.
Posted By: Andy Wilde
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Just bought a T1i myself, glad to know I own a camera capable of such pictures. Keep it up.
Posted By: Genocide
about 14 years, 7 months ago
But sparrows are pest birds?
Posted By: ChristianH
about 14 years, 7 months ago
I made an account just to comment on this one. This is absolutely stunning! Thank you for posting!
Posted By: BlackEagle754
about 14 years, 7 months ago
Very nice job!
Posted By: GMahler
about 14 years, 7 months ago
I love this. Thanks very much.
Posted By: isak
about 14 years, 7 months ago
I agree 100% with the others that already stated that this is a fantastic photograph! Its also decorating my background and I love every part of it. Thank you very very much. keep it coming! :)
Posted By: Mojave
about 14 years, 7 months ago
I just sit at my computer and enjoy looking at this image. You've captured Life in such a big way, thanks to your photographic skills. And not from some exotic creature, but from a common simple house sparrow! Wonderful work!
Posted By: born
about 14 years, 7 months ago
In short I should say this is my most favorite picture to this day. This may sound like exaggeration but I truly love this photo.

I have put it as my laptop background and looking at it calms me down. I sometimes wish I was that sparrow and could just sit there without worrying about anything.

Thank you Miniman. Please share more of these beautiful photos.

Unlike many pictures which are beautiful only momentarily, this picture tells a story. A sparrow resting calmly on a branch of a tree on a fall day. I wish I could look in the direction that the sparrow is looking.

Sorry everybody for the long comment. I just love this photo and wanted to share my love for this picture and that sparrow.
Posted By: shutterebug
about 13 years, 4 months ago
awe he is a cutie and what an amazing photo! thank you

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