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Wallpaper Details: They're Coming

High-resolution desktop wallpaper They're Coming by Petr Stefek
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They're Coming

January 22nd, 2010

Road from Dubrovnik to Drvenik, Croatia. October, 2008.

Sony Alpha DSLR-A700, Sigma 70-300mm APO DG Macro.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: lerch84
about 8 years ago
Now I can :)..anyway I like this b&w version, maybe it's too dark, but it's a nice effect.
Posted By: LTD602
about 8 years ago
A refreshing change. Well done.
Posted By: MacPro
about 8 years ago
Finally worth looking at on here! Lately EVERYTHING on here has either been a sunset, sunrise, or picture of a field. IFL is slipping off with this whole Loupe thing but hopefully shots like this can bring them back up.
Posted By: Clyde
about 8 years ago
Wonderful image and looks great on my desktop !

One point...where is the road ? This looks a lot like a big lake :)
Posted By: Carlos M.
about 8 years ago
what others say :)

My new wallpaper... for a long time.
Posted By: mike
about 8 years ago
I've registered myself just to say that this wallpaper is amazing. Seriously, I love it.

@Clyde: i think he was on a road going around the lake =P
Posted By: ivand101
about 8 years ago
He was on the road but that isnt a lake its Adriatic sea.
Greetings from Croatia.
Posted By: ivand101
about 8 years ago
And one more question to author: Do you have coloured version somewere?
Posted By: LTD602
about 8 years ago
Interesting to note too that you didn't use a Canon or Nikon.

How do you like the Sony? For what I've been reading it's a sweet camera.
Posted By: Petr Stefek
about 8 years ago
ivand101: ... yes, i have, but my favorite is b&w version .:-)

LTD602: ... i´m completely satisfied with A700 ..:-)) ... i must ..:-)

to all: I'm enjoying ... thank you all for a comments .*)

.... greetings from Czech Republik ... :-)
Posted By: Roger Camp
about 8 years ago
Really nice shot!
Posted By: EyeCandy
about 8 years ago
Really erie! It reminds me of the book "The Host" from Stephenie Meyer. Very cool! I will be keeping this one.
Posted By: ivand101
about 8 years ago
Probably b&w is better but if you could upload coloured version to some image hoster or etc. it would be nice. Thanks
Posted By: 4N0NYM0U5
about 8 years ago
Hrvatska! Konačno :) Bravo Maestro!

Great Picture! Thanx A Million!!

Posted By: UncleScar
about 8 years ago
Great ! ! ! grettings from russia ! !
Posted By: stubulman
about 8 years ago
"They're Coming!" Well I'm sorry to inform you, Petr, that they are already here. I have a few of them living behind my house. I suspect that some of them have infiltrated my family too :)

Very dramatic shot. I like it a lot. Did you do any extra processing? If so, what.
Posted By: Yorkie X
about 8 years ago
That is a good wallpaper
Posted By: Abrosious
about 8 years ago
The heavenly pillar of light adds a breath-taking emphasis on the cold, dark lake.

Love it!
Posted By: Euphytose
about 8 years ago
Purely awesome, it's my new wallpaper, and will stay as it for a long time.
Posted By: NeoElNino
about 8 years ago
Great! thank you! :) guys can you please go vote on for "Aurora Borealis" and "The Hill" wallpapers showing in the Loupe. They are as this one, amazing and I'd like to see them on the front page to dwnld them too!
Posted By: ew1029
about 8 years ago
Kind of dull as a wallpaper IMHO, but I imagine seeing that in real life must have been spectacular.
Posted By: ivand101
about 8 years ago
@NeoElNino... I totally agree with you! Aurora Borealis and The Hill are one of the best works I have seen in Loupe this year, and Gothenburgian Traffic too! Vote please!
Posted By: Chris Gin
about 8 years ago
Aurora Borealis looks cool but The Hill looks very noisy when you view large. The image quality Gothenburgian Traffic looks a bit doubtful too. Do people bother checking quality before voting?
Posted By: Mateo1041
about 8 years ago
Wow. Absolutely stunning. I love the contrast between light/dark. I rarely log in to post comments, but this is one of those deserving times.
Posted By: Clyde
about 8 years ago
@ Chris Gin

How exactly are you supposed to check the quality of a crappy thumbnail in the Loupe ??? The mouse over function is pretty useless,, too.
Scrap the Loupe..it ain't working.
Posted By: Chris Gin
about 8 years ago
I agree the mouse over function is pretty limited, but it does show obvious quality issues in some cases (such as The Hill).
Posted By: K
about 8 years ago
Posted By: Petr Stefek
about 8 years ago
Thank you very much for your comments. I hope that in future you will enjoy my photos. It is honor for me that I could show my work to people from all over the world. Your comments are my motivation for further work. My English is worse than my photos. :-))))
Nice day to all!
Posted By: peter
about 8 years ago
perfect photo good work
Posted By: TheBlindBandit
about 8 years ago
One of the best B&W photos on IFL.
Posted By: FlorinC
about 8 years ago
Amazing, excellent!
Posted By: Treehugger
about 7 years, 11 months ago
This is just... beautiful. Thank you very much.
Posted By: canibus
about 5 years, 3 months ago
Perfectly dark and awesome to look at every day. I've been using this as my desktop background for all of my computers/laptops for the last few years now and every time I reformat this is one of the first things i put back onto my computer.

Big thanks for this, I'm really really picky with desktop backgrounds.

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