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Wallpaper Details: Last Daylight Over Franschhoek's Vineyards

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Last daylight over Franschhoek's vineyards by Leon_J
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Last daylight over Franschhoek's vineyards

April 23rd, 2010

I was lucky to have this great view over the mountains of Franschhoek valley in Western Cape, South Africa. When the last sun rays gave the valley its warm colours I took this photo.

Canon EOS 40D, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, ISO 100, 1/200 sec., 17mm, f/9. Post-processing in Adobe Lightroom 2 with finishing touches in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: Vinnie
about 14 years ago
about 14 years ago
Another fantastic vista Leon! I voted for this not long ago. I am simply in awe with South African landscapes. Keep these coming buddy.

Let's see how long it will take until we get certain folks go on their usual complaining crusade.
Posted By: Lostnumber
about 14 years ago
Lovely shot, makes for a great background.
Posted By: Dhaman
about 14 years ago
Fantastic! I've quite been enjoying the new ones on the front page as of late.
Posted By: ifireun
about 14 years ago
I love how the sunlight filters through that distant valley...another gem!
Posted By: Beginning
about 14 years ago
Posted By: ms-dost
about 14 years ago
that's a nice & clean shot.. my new wallpaper
Posted By: 1337gamr
about 14 years ago
Ooooh, a complaining crusade? That sounds fantastical to the max!

Great wallpaper, but it's identical to "Strawberry Mountains" from four days ago. I guess I'll take the hit for everyone that was thinking it.

No knock on the photo/photographer, just bad timing IMHO.
Posted By: frozenskyscraper
about 14 years ago
Unbelievably well-balanced, a perfect "yin yang" of natural features.
Posted By: Leon_J
about 14 years ago
glad to see so many of you like this shot!
Concerning the "everything looks the same" discussion:
I also had to realize that due to the voting system, the front page of Interfacelift does not show the "best" or most atristic or photographically challenging images. When it does, we get discussions as we had with my Wallpaper "Windy Dunes" - you can go and have a look at the commets over there...
"Nice", that is technically clean photos of beautiful landscapes make up 90% of the mainpage because that's what people like to have on their desktops. It's as simple as that. And it's just logical that a lot of those images look similar. However, as Igor already said, you don't have to download every single wallpaper featured. On the contrary: With hundreds of images featured you can download just the ones you really like =)
just my 2 cents to the topic.
keep it up people and thx again for your comments - I appreciate it!
Posted By: Tim H.
about 14 years ago
1337gamr: if you think that this is identical to "Strawberry Mountains", then I have one question for you:

Do all human beings look identical to you?
Posted By: Clyde
about 14 years ago
This is a beautiful shot.. Thanks for it.

A little OT, but there are some serious a** kissers on here.
Why has every single comment got to be a drooling, praise fest ? Some images are not worthy of it and hailing them as masterpieces is doing no one any favours.
Posted By: Tim H.
about 14 years ago

It's that some people don't know how to provide negative criticism that is yet friendly and constructive. Instead, they make negative criticism that is hateful and destructive. They just make their immature and selfish comment and move on as though they pay for their IFL membership and are getting ripped off because they don't like the submissions.

So, it's not that the only comments allowed are comments of praise. It's that the only comments allowed should be insightful, not immature. And it's very easy to make an insightful comment using negative but constructive and friendly criticism.

I'll be honest: I used to comment on almost every submission, but I try to avoid the comments now because of these immature people who have nothing of value to say. All they can do is basically say, "I deserve better wallpapers than this."

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