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Wallpaper Details: Shepherd In Romania

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Shepherd in Romania by stabmixer
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Shepherd in Romania

September 10th, 2010

I took this photo on a trip around Romania. It was a very cloudy day.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM, f/2.8, 1/4000s, ISO 200, Adobe Lightroom.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: Joost
about 13 years ago
This reminds me of the movie Sweet Grass. Awesome!

Nothing to improve in my opinion! I like it that way it is.
Posted By: silverscope
about 13 years ago
Man this looks awesome! Finally something "new" here on interfacelift instead of sunrise/sunset no:976352 :-)

This goes straight to my desktop

I really like the feel and setting of this image, in my opinion it is perfect... so no improvements
Posted By: dudus
about 13 years ago
Really like the ballance and harmony. it makes my desktop cosy and relaxing :) Great Work :)

Any 'improvement' would be harmful for this beautiful shot :) 10/10 :)
Posted By: PedroBhikha
about 13 years ago
this photo is so great in my opinion. It my desktop now and it looks so good. Because I've got a mac and my icons are on the wright it look even better!

I think the sheperd would love to see this. Maybe he doens't have a computer but I really think he would love to have his herd as a wallpaper!

Perfect shot, very different. Nothing to change here 10/10
Posted By: Tangata Manu
about 13 years ago
This is really beautiful. i love the soft focus, the vignetting, the limited palette. Just gorgeous.

Really well done. No possible improvements come to mind.
Posted By: burnticarus
about 13 years ago
I really like this! It's Awesome! I like how the grass in the horizon is in focus. Makes you experience the textures. My new desktop.

Very nice work. No improvements needed. You made me post my first comment. :)
Posted By: dtmoody
about 13 years ago
Nicely executed. Great feel and color. Reminds me of some great cinema photography of the past. All in all wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

No improvement needed. Overall a wonderful image. I don't post many comments, but felt you deserved one for this.
Posted By: TME
about 13 years ago
Nice dreamy image with the vignetting making it look like some early celluloid film shot.

Just wanted to ask if the vignetting was original due to the play of light or added in post process? If post processed in, I thought a lighter touch with the vignetting filter in PS would yield a more realistic picture.
Posted By: The_highwayman
about 13 years ago
I love how this photo captures a human element to nature. So often IFL there is a fantastic photo of a landscape or a city/building, but far too few of people actually living. I think it makes this photo homely, comforting and, well, humanized.

A great image. There is nothing I would change. It is now my new desktop.
about 13 years ago
It's great, very atmospheric.

Do you have the original without sepia filter? I'd like to see it.
Posted By: Jeffrey Picard
about 13 years ago
Well, I've got to say that when I saw the thumbnail for this one I thought to myself: "Oh great, another sub-par wallpaper." After downloading it, I did a 180 degree turnaround. This is a wonderful image. I love the monochromatic appearance and the skewed angles. While I don't think I'd use this as an actual wallpaper, I do think it's quite nice.

The only thing I notice that could use a bit of fixing is the dark brown spot on one of the sheep. It's probably natural I'm sure, however, it could use a bit of blending. A very minor and inconsequential thing though. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
Posted By: stabmixer
about 13 years ago
Wow! Thanks for the great comments! This is my first upload on interfacelift.

@TME: The vignette is in the original picture as well, but a little bit lighter. I just played around in Lightroom...

@Sinjun: Just send me your email, and I can send you the original.
Posted By: tysroby
about 12 years, 11 months ago
Well i am from Romania and I was pleasantly surprised to see this upload. It's a beautiful wallpaper. Romania still has a lot of similar landscapes and a lot of traditional lifestyle elements are still kept intact in rural areas, but i am afraid all this will slowly fade away and it will turn into a memory kept alive by books and images like this one. Congratulations for this 5 stars shot.

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