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Wallpaper Details: Lunar Eclipse With Stars

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Lunar Eclipse with Stars by Neocane
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Lunar Eclipse with Stars

January 7th, 2011

I shot the Lunar Eclipse @ about 2:15 am and really liked the image, although I felt it was lacking something. So I took an image of the night sky that I had captured last Thanksgiving out in the countryside and combined the 2 images.

Canon EOS T1i, Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS, Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: MattGranz
about 13 years, 6 months ago
Well done! I was chasing that same moon at high speed through San Francisco with my friend hanging half his body out the window, looking up and shouting directions.

The few times we saw the moon, the stars were as present as seen in your blended image. I really like how naturally this came out.

There really is no discernible bad anything in this shot. You did a great blend. Bravo!
Posted By: ShutterDazzle
about 13 years, 6 months ago
WHHOOOAAAA Super cool! It was too cloudy for me to get a good shot at the lunar...

Are the stars real tho?
Posted By: ElectrikLizard
about 13 years, 6 months ago
I am a big fan of black wallpaper ...
The pic looks good full screen ...

The concept is good, but I am not accustomed to so many stars when I am viewing the moon ...
Posted By: Neocane
about 13 years, 6 months ago
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the positive feedback! It makes staying up till 2:45 in the morning worth the shot, hehe. Yes the stars are very real. The image I shot at Thanksgiving was the stary night sky at my fathers place out in the country, the night sky looked awesome! The eclipsed moon looked pretty cool but I thought it might look a bit more dramatic with a night sky full of stars behind it instead of just the 2 or 3 that were naturally in the picture.

I think the image could have been improved if there were no clouds in the sky the night of the eclipse. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with the final result.
about 13 years, 6 months ago
Crystal clear excellent wallpaper.
This is the BEST wallpaper I've seen over the years of being on InterfaceLIFT. Keep up the good work.
Posted By: Neocane
about 13 years, 6 months ago
Thank you very much Repent_of_Sin, I appreciate the kind words!

Having been a voting member of the IFL Loupe for a few years now and considering some of the images previously released for download, I am gratefull for the "BEST" comment!
Posted By: Daddy_Gemini
about 13 years, 6 months ago
I wouldn't call it "the" best but this is so cool it's definitely in my top 10 and I've almost seen all the wallpapers here. =) I had to show my mom this one and I don't do that too often with a new picture. The position of the moon is great too I don't think I would've liked it as much if it was centered, because we have too many of those as is. I love the clarity in everything it was a great idea and it kinda makes you wonder why more people don't do this with moon shots. Speaking of just moon shots this one is in my top 2 or 3! Thanks again Neocane!
Posted By: Sherwin Maxawow
about 13 years, 6 months ago
An instant Classic. I really appreciate a creative artist/photographer, and this one is a classic example of that.

We should see more of this kind of thing.

I cannot see anything but a perfectly cool classic desktop wallpaper. Very good for those who have a 26" led backlit monitor.
Posted By: Neocane
about 13 years, 6 months ago
Aside from simply pleasing myself with images I have taken, nothing pleases me more than knowing that other people like what they see in my pictures.

My gratitude for your comments gentlemen, thank you very much!
Posted By: tiziano
about 13 years, 6 months ago
The "unusual" number of the stars give to the picture a unexpcted depth. Comparing to the normal experience in this picture i guess we all have the impression that the moon is suspended juest next to us, with the stars far far way (and...there are!). I don't know if this was the original idea behind the picture but, anyway, the effect is original and very interesting.

With the pics merge the sky become unrealistic and unnatural. This is the price to pay, thought.
Posted By: Kevinsand
about 13 years, 5 months ago
Absolutely AWESOME!
I do believe I have a new favorite! this is by far the most awesome lunar eclipse shot I've seen.

Nothing could make this image better I believe you nailed this one.
Posted By: hawj
about 13 years, 4 months ago
Fits nicely with this one in a dual monitor setup: http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/details/2510/home.html

It looks pretty neat stitch on top of eacth other as well.

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