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Wallpaper Details: Sardegna - Castiadas Loc. Mallocu

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Sardegna - Castiadas Loc. Mallocu by anloboz
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Sardegna - Castiadas Loc. Mallocu

May 9th, 2011

This picture is taken at "Località Mallocu" or "Maloccu" in Sardinia at this year spring time! The beauty of sardinia is the great empty spaces and green fields! See this landscape live is an amazing experience!

Canon EOS 1000D, Canon 18-55mm kit lens, Adobe Lightroom 3, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Photomatix Pro.


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Comments from the Community

Posted By: kevmed64
about 11 years ago
Awesome photo! Reminds me alot of the Tuscany sunset photo on this site.

.....but do you have a 1080 version WITHOUT letterbox?
Posted By: anloboz
about 11 years ago
Thanks for voting my image. If you want ti see moore of my works go to visit my flickr account. http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrealobina/
thank you
Posted By: WORMSS
about 11 years ago
Love the view, the way the sky changing colour is what caught my eye.

Its a shame I am going to have to get a bigger copy and crop out the black top/bottom bits and photoshop the text out.

But besides that, I love it.
Posted By: Lostnumber
about 11 years ago
As the others have said, the black bars and sig make this a no-no for me, shame, as it could have been a great one.
Posted By: ibebrett
about 11 years ago
Nice shot! I like the open / peaceful effect you captured here. . .and the colors are amazing...great for wallpaper.

The thing you did at the top of the photo with watermarked mountain is a little distracting to the eyes...Maybe you could try filling the top bar with the grassy texture area on overlay mode and/or watermarked just as you did for the bottom bar . . .or maybe just remove the top/bottom bars allowing your main image to fit the canvas.

Still a great shot...thanks!
Posted By: aurum
about 11 years ago
Great piece of art :) One of my favorites so far ...
Posted By: Ferris
about 11 years ago
I love the letterboxing effect on this photo! It works wonderfully and it was very creative, rather than having black bars only. As a wallpaper, it works wonders and gives a spot to put my dock and icons (I line up my icons from the top right horizontally).
As for the photo itself, it's an absolutely beautiful landscape piece. I can only assume that we see the entire photo and rather than crop out parts of it to fit certain screen sizes the artist cleverly put in these detailed letterboxes. I enjoy it immensely.

Although the watermark is slightly distracting, I am not too distracted with it. It just makes me wonder if the "no watermark/signature" part of the IFL submitting rules still applies. I do like the font of it though and it goes with the piece. The fact that it has information rather than just the artist's name also a good thing.
Posted By: ninjamunky
about 11 years ago
It's a great shot and there are some really great colors.

However, the the letterbox and text, as others have said, ruin it for me. Total deal-breakers. I like my wallpapers to be clean, crisp, and stunning.
Posted By: Daddy_Gemini
about 11 years ago
I also vote for a version without the letterbox. It's A Beautiful shot though and i would keep it even with a watermark. =)
Posted By: Calmly Traveling
about 11 years ago
What's there looks pretty good, great colors there and there.

Text on bottom right, nah, pass. Not everyone uses vertical panels on the desktop to hide it.
Posted By: Chugworth
about 11 years ago
Beautiful picture! I love the colors of the field and the sky.

Breaks InterfaceLIFT's rule requiring a picture to be 2560x1600. In the "2560x1600" version, the actual picture is only 2560x1237 in size.

Also, I don't see a rule about not placing text on an image, but there should be a rule about that.
Posted By: agammas
about 10 years, 9 months ago
Great picture! Please advice - is this sunset or sunrise? Feng shui not recommend to use sunset pictures at home)

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