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Wallpaper Details: A Tree And Stars

High-resolution desktop wallpaper A Tree And Stars by snowlee
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A Tree And Stars

June 30th, 2014

Taken at Wattamolla beach, located in Royal National Park, Australia.

Adobe Lightroom 5.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EF 20mm f/2.8 USM.

Photo Settings: 20mm, f/2, 30 seconds, ISO 400.

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austrailia » black » blue » dark blue » long‑exposure » nature » night sky » orange » photography » royal national park » silhouette » sky » stars » sunset » trees » wattamolla beach »

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Comments from the Community

Posted By: oneill983
about 10 years ago
Great shot! I was looking for the usual "Created in Vue Infinite 2014 and Adobe Photoshop CC" :D
about 10 years ago
Good composition and nice colors. I like the reflection in the water, too.

The shot is unfortunately ruined by poor focus at an image size other than thumbnail.
Posted By: Ignis
about 10 years ago
What are you talking about, astroguy?
Poor focus?
This image is fine. Absolutely fine.
Nice job, snowlee~
about 10 years ago
I looked at the image at full resolution. The stars are not points, they are out of focus blobs, and brighter on the edges (yes, I see this was a longer exposure so there is a bit of trail, but the stars are all still out of focus, especially on the left). Look especially at the planet and Pleiades on the left side. Additionally, the horizon line is not sharp, it shows typical effects of being out of focus.
Posted By: Ignis
about 10 years ago
Man, if I could swear on here...
astroguy is being unreasonable. This picture is FINE, FINE, FINE.
Mighty fine, in fact.
The perfect focus only matters if you have a 4K monitor, that's really the only time it would ever matter. Stop being picky and unfriendly.
about 9 years, 12 months ago
I think I've actually been very friendly, and I have a 30" monitor and the poor focus is very noticable. I'm trying to help the photographer here by providing a valid critique that I've noticed on more than one of the photographer's photographs. If you think a simple helpfully intended critique of the shot has "poor focus" is "picky and unfriendly," well, that's unfortunate. Being in an echo chamber where everyone tells you it's perfect and great when it's not is not helpful.

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