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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Finder by Psychopulse
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Inside view of St. Peter's Basilica, Rome by sandman4sure
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Inside view of St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

May 17th, 2007

Rome, 2006. A view of St. Peter's baldachin by Bernini and the Dome in the background.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper A Silhouette of War by scooch
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Silence by shiftedreality
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Joe by Avatarpalin
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May 11th, 2007

A small cup of this lovely stuff makes the world a brighter place.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Summer Butterfly by Banksie
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Summer Butterfly

May 1st, 2007

Close up taken with my new digital SLR camera in my Nan's garden.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Newcastle Ridge by boss019
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Newcastle Ridge

May 1st, 2007

The trees growing out of the rocks are on purpose... I like 'em. :) Once again, created in Vue.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Lights on the Water by DocB
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Lights on the Water

By DocB
April 30th, 2007

Colorful but peaceful. Created with Quadrium2 and Photo Shop. 2560x1600.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Yin-Yang Sky by wkwong
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Yin-Yang Sky

April 25th, 2007

I took this photo trough my window in Santiago de Chile.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Santa Monica Plant by matt mosher
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Santa Monica Plant

April 25th, 2007

I really dont know what type of plant this is but I shot it while hiking in the Santa Monica mountains on the Circle X trail.

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