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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Hi-Vista Diner by straycat
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Hi-Vista Diner

June 6th, 2007

Sign at now defunct Hi-Vista Diner in Hi-Vista, California.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Don't Tread on Me by David Stys
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Don't Tread on Me

January 12th, 2008

An extracted graffiti scene found at the headquarters for Miskeen Originals. Camden, New Jersey.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Buddha Two by Geoff Puryear
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Buddha Two

August 7th, 2004

This is one of a set of three photographs of a silver Buddha candle holder, taken in June 2004.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Broken Stalk by fanzy
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Broken Stalk

March 7th, 2005

It's a broken stalk of a feather duster.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Sibelius by -KEN-
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March 11th, 2005

Sibelius Monument in Helsinki, Finland.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Ivy by fanzy
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Aoe by chge
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Todos Muertos by chalito
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Todos Muertos

April 11th, 2005

Always someone die across the liquor store.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Battle Begins by Christopher Watson
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Battle Begins

April 18th, 2005

Gold and Onyx chess pieces are set and ready to begin a new match.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Liquid Tendril Undertow by Steve Truett
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