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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Moab Mountains by AdClav
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Moab Mountains

February 27th, 2008

View of nearby mountain range behind arched stone structures.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Magic Stone by Miccha
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Magic Stone

June 12th, 2008

A picture taken during a forrest walk.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Soft Tread Full of Moab Mud by markrez
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Soft Tread Full of Moab Mud

May 12th, 2009

We stopped for a much needed break after rolling through Moab's Steel Bender trail to check out the petroglyphs and got this picture. Using a tripod, I snapped five photos (two overexposed, two underexposed and one at Zero) and combined them all in using Photomatix.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Nebulae by iconhive
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December 1st, 2009

A nebula lost in the infinity.

Created in Adobe Photoshop.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Sunbathing by Pond
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By Pond
February 17th, 2005

Flowers growing in a garden off Seymour Street, Blenheim, New Zealand.

© Andrew Hodgkinson 2005.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper iPod nano by Improv, Pastence
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Airfield Sunrise by Andrew Hopkins
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Airfield Sunrise

February 20th, 2006

A sub-zero sunrise captured at Lashenden Airfield, Headcorn in Kent, Jan 2006. My first real attempt at a "serious" photograph and my first ever online upload. Your comments are welcomed.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Giraffe Gathering by Paul.CK
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Giraffe Gathering

June 25th, 2006

Two giraffes relaxing and eating in some grass.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Ray of Light by skunkride
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Ray of Light

July 21st, 2006

Large sun beams blasting through clouds over the ocean.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Nove Mesto Street by haydon
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Nove Mesto Street

August 10th, 2006

This skoda rapid was parked near the Vaclav square in Prague. The photograph was taken in July of 2006.

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