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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Why Did it Have to Be Snakes? by Neil Beaty
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Why Did it Have to Be Snakes?

April 26th, 2006

A family of garden snakes is not pleased at the prospect of company.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Old Leander Barn by MLambert
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Old Leander Barn

May 5th, 2006

This old barn in the country near my house is still in use.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Splash! by J.C. Nortier
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Seychelles Sunset by meckimac
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Seychelles Sunset

May 24th, 2006

This photograph was shot on La Digue with the island of Praslin in the background.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Wet Leaf by girlracer
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Wet Leaf

June 5th, 2006

A close-up of a palm leaf after the greenhouse had just been watered in Dublin's Botanic Gardens, taken with my new Canon EOS 350D.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Less Colorful Variant by Keith Wichowski
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Less Colorful Variant

June 12th, 2006

This is the original version of colorful variant, but without all of the bright colors. More for the sublte tastes.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Chilled by Morgan Adkins
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Chrome by nearthewater
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October 27th, 2006

Motorcycle chrome in black and white.

High-resolution desktop wallpaper Emergency by Jerome Deboudt
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High-resolution desktop wallpaper Need Water? by Oliver Nimz
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Need Water?

November 21st, 2006

Just follow these signs and you will find it! Here in the beautiful city on Hamburg. Don't forget your jackhammer! :) ... I wonder how the right one is kept in place... without any screws!

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