Copyright Policy and Content Usage Rights

This document outlines what end-users of the InterfaceLIFT.com website and "Backdrops" iPhone application are legally permitted to do with content downloaded from this web site and how to contact the copyright holder(s) to obtain legal permission for other types of usages.

Copyright Notice

All user-contributed downloadable content hosted on InterfaceLIFT servers is copyright by the original authors of that content. It is licensed only for personal use on computers, cellular phones, and other personal electronic devices. All other uses (whether or not for profit) including redistribution (with or without modification of the original work) is strictly prohibited by law without additional written permission by the copyright holder.

Requesting Permission

If you wish to use user-contributed copyrighted content from InterfaceLIFT in any manner other than described above, you MUST obtain written permission from the copyright holder (not the owners/operators of InterfaceLIFT). You may do this by submitting an electronic request through the 'email artist' link accompanying the copyrighted work found on InterfaceLIFT.com. This will send an email to the last known address of the original copyright holder. Additionally, some artists have provided a website address in the 'website' link that accompanies their content. If you are unable to reach the copyright holder through our email form, you may have better luck by visiting their website for more up-to-date contact information.

It is important to note that copyright holders are not obligated to respond to your request for permission to redistribute, profit from, or otherwise use their content in a manner not granted in the license indicated above. If they do not explicitly grant you additional permissions (whether because they did not receive your request, ignored it, or denied it) you may NOT legally use their content in any non-licensed fashion.

Failure to respond to your request does NOT imply permission or indifference. Please respect the legal and artistic rights our our contributors, many of whom make a living from their creations. It is not enough to simply give an artist 'credit' instead of obtaining legal permission.

You should never assume that freely-downloable content is free from copyright restrictions or in the public domain.